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Visiting Your Dentist – Know The Basics

One of the first things that come to mind with regard to any visit to your local dentist is how often you should actually see your dentist. In most cases, organizations such as the ADA or the American Dental Association recommend that patients visit their dentist at the very least, two times per year. These visits should include a professional cleaning and general check up as a way to ensure that good dental hygiene and oral health is being maintained. In most cases, upon the initial visit with a dentist an individual will be required to complete a medical and dental history questionnaire.

Various Screenings

Once an examination has begun your dentist will typically check your teeth and gums for a variety of conditions and diseases. Various screenings including those for oral cancer and other dental diseases may be conducted during your exam. From oral surgery to root canal procedures and the application of braces, an experienced dentist can have a profound effect on the overall dental health of the typical dental patient. In some cases it may be necessary for your dentist to refer you to a dental specialists such as an orthodontist or oral surgeon when conditions require.

Whitening Methods And Techniques

Another important aspect of visiting your dentist on a regular schedule is that your dental care provider will be able to detect subtle changes in the health and condition of your teeth. Routine visits ensure that your dentist has a good baseline understanding of your overall dental health and oral hygiene. In addition to general dentistry and other essential oral hygiene and dental care procedures, many dentists can offer whitening methods and techniques designed to create an aesthetically pleasing and improved appearance. Dr. W. Gregory Rose and the experienced staff of this trusted dental office offer a wide range of advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures designed to improve personal appearance and self-image.

Good Oral Hygiene And Dental

From porcelain veneers to state-of-the-art whitening techniques and other cosmetic dentistry procedures, the dental offices of Dr. W. Gregory Rose are always standing by ready to assist patients. While good oral hygiene and dental care is ultimately the responsibility of the patient, a qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable dentist that specializes in general dental care as well as cosmetic dentistry can greatly increase a patient’s overall level of wellness. Contact the dental office of Dr. W. Gregory Rose and begin experiencing excellence in dental care and oral hygiene today.