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Dental Hygiene – Keeping Up With Maintenance

The office of Dr. W. gregory Rose DDS offers dental hygiene appointments with our New Mexico board certified dental hygienists. We offer flexible appointment options available to accommodate busy schedules, with both morning and evening options available. In addition to helpful scheduling options, you won’t be switching rooms, or seeing multiple staff members when you have your teeth cleaned! Streamlined care reduces stress and improves your overall dental experience. Our office practices continuity of care, ensuring you receive the most comprehensive dental care possible. Your dental hygienist will be with you front start to finish, even answering your questions. At the end of your visit they will even provide you with your appointment for your next scheduled visit.

We recommend annual exams along with your routine x-rays, in addition to your scheduled hygiene maintenance appointments. Keeping your teeth in tip top shape, and following the suggested recall intervals from your dental team allows us to monitor your oral health holistically, ensuring early detection and prevention of potential issues.

What else might you expect? 

Each dental hygiene recall visit takes between thirty and sixty minutes. This time is spent with your dental hygienist, and is an investment in your overall well being. The time you invest with our team allows our hygienists to gain a deeper understanding of your needs and treat you comprehensively. This time also gives your providers a chance to provide valuable insights and recommendations.

  • During your hygiene appointment, you can expect a thorough cleaning, including scaling and polishing to remove plaque and tartar, flossing instruction, and an oral cancer screening.
  • Our hygienists are trained in addressing concerns like gum disease, sensitivity, and bad breath.
  • We offer additional hygiene services like fluoride treatments, sealants, and nutritional counseling to further optimize your oral health.


Let our experienced team partner with you in achieving and maintaining optimal oral health for life. Take control of your smile and schedule your first appointment today.(505)296-5544


DR.W.Gregory Rose Dental Team