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6 Soft Foods for a Speedy Recovery after a Dental Implant Procedure

For people with missing teeth, dental implants are the perfect solution. They are a better alternative to dentures and much more convenient. But when you are done with the procedure, you cannot simply resume your routine activities and diet the very next day.

It takes a few days or weeks to completely recover, depending on your condition, during which you will have to follow a soft food diet to properly heal. Here are some of the best soft foods suggested by a dentist in Albuquerque NM, to supply the right nutrients for faster healing:


Applesauce is a soft, delicious and relatively healthy. With a soft texture, consuming applesauce is easy and doesn’t require chewing. It is also rich in dietary fiber and vitamins that are essential in enhancing the immune system and facilitating the healing process.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes:

Mashed Sweet Potatoes are not just rich in fiber, but also contain antioxidants and vitamins.  Mashed sweet potatoes are highly nutritious and beneficial for those who have undergone a dental implants Albuquerque NM procedure. Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin c which is great for the immune system. It will also improve your overall health and obviously helps with faster healing.


A Liquid diet is often suggested by dental professionals during recovery, and soups are perfect in this category. Vegetable soups are tasty and healthy, but make sure that the solid ingredients in it are soft enough to consume. Making your own soup is better than purchasing canned ones from the store. Remember to not consume soups that are too hot, as it could disturb the extraction site.


Yogurt is a healthy soft food that is great for recovery after placing dental implants in Albuquerque NM. Rich in protein and great for gut health. It helps enhance your immune system and offers several health benefits including better bone health.

Ice Cream:

Who doesn’t love ice cream? You would be delighted to know that ice cream is perfect as a recovery diet. Its soft texture and iciness are great in terms of controlling swelling and promoting healing. But always opt for plain ice creams for safety. Eating ice creams that contain chocolate chips and nuts could possibly affect your gums. Look for ice cream that is lower in sugar, there are plenty of low carb and high protein options available.


Oatmeal is popular for the various health benefits is offers. It contains vitamins, minerals, and fiber making it a perfect food to be consumed at any time of the day. This soft food is perfect for faster recovery after the dental implant procedure.

Include one or more of the above recommended foods as part of your recovery diet after a dental implant procedure. Talk to your cosmetic dentist in Albuquerque for any questions you may have.

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