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BEST – Well, Okay Candies

Well, here it is. Another holiday, another excuse for the sweets to flow freely. Of course, we would tell you that no candy is great for your teeth. We’ve talked about it before; sugar is the bane of your dental health, but what are you going to do to satisfy that sweet tooth? Well, here are a few that aren’t the absolute most devastating to your teeth.

Dark Chocolate

Surprised? Dark Chocolate is the best you can get when it comes to your teeth. Several studies have linked chocolate to being more effective than fluoride at fighting tooth decay, and there are compounds in the cocoa beans that fight plaque. Not bad!

Candy Bars with Nuts

Candy bars with nuts are hardly the best thing, but they do work around the big problem with candies in general: stickiness. The stickier something is, the more likely it will, well, stick around and set to work on your teeth. Nuts break up the stickiness by adding texture that can remove sticky candy clusters between bites. Not ideal, but not the worst either!

Anything Sugarless

Sugar is the fuel of bacteria and will mess with the natural balance of your mouth. To avoid that, opt for something like sugarless gum or any candy that uses stevia. While far from the healthiest option as these often have other chemicals in them, they are less directly detrimental to your teeth.

These three types of candies are the least damaging so if you have to reach for something you could do a lot worst! Just make sure you avoid hard candies (loads of sugar meant to sit in your mouth for long periods of time,) sticky candies and gummies. All of those will deliver massive sugar to hard to reach spots. Now brush your teeth, floss regularly, and stay on top of your regular dental check ups and you should be in a fine position to nibble some chocolate here and there!

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