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Food & drinks that discolor your teeth (part 2)

Welcome back to our two part series going over a number of different food and drinks that can stain, dull, and discolor your teeth. We covered a number of drinks that can ruin the whiteness of your smile in the first part of this series, so we’ll be sure to cover the foods that can impact the color of your teeth in this part! Be sure to keep these foods and drinks in mind, and while we aren’t suggest you stop enjoying them on a regular basis, we do advise that you know what could be affecting the color of your teeth! Without further ado, here are a few items to learn about…

  • Tomato Sauce: To be honest, it would be extremely difficult to stop eating tomato sauce altogether. Why? Think about it… tomato sauce isn’t only for pasta, but also for pizza and for dipping! Unfortunately, many tomato based sauces can stain your teeth because tomato’s are quite acidic, which damages the top layer of your teeth as well as your enamel. However, you can do things like eat broccoli or spinach before diving into a bowl of spaghetti to protect the outermost layer of your teeth.
  • Curry: You really can’t eat most Indian and Thai foods without curry. After all, curry is the staple of many delicious kinds of cuisine we all eat on various occasions. While curry is equally popular as it is delicious and enjoyed by millions of people on a daily basis, the intense colors of most curries can stain your teeth just after one bite. While you can’t avoid curry from staining your teeth, you can take some measures to try and prevent long term and deep stains. These include brushing your teeth after a meal, or washing your mouth out with mouthwash or water.
  • Beets: If you haven’t eaten a beet or anything with beet juice, many people will tell you that beet juice stains everything from countertops to clothes to teeth. The beet’s natural, dark red color is so intense that it will stain your teeth if you eat it in any of its forms.

Remember, the best way to prevent staining is to eat these foods less frequently and to brush after every meal if you can!

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