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Most Common Dental Procedures (Part Two)

Welcome back to the Dr. Gregory Rose blog! This time we’re following up on our last post on the most common dental procedures with a few more, specifically a basic overview of the various types of restorative works and basic disease treatments.


With dentists, our goal is always to save your natural teeth.

Fillings – Composite material made to fill a treated cavity, strengthening the damaged tooth.

Bonding – Thin white filling material that’s applied to the surfaces of teeth to improve appearance.

Crowns/Caps – A covering placed over teeth to augment the chewing surfaces and appearance. Often done following root canals, for cosmetic reasons or after treating large amounts of decay.

Veneers – Appearance focused, these are porcelain shells that cover the front of teeth to hide cosmetic issues.

Bridges – A crown on a natural toothth attached to one or more pontics, also known as artificial teeth to close a gap in the line of teeth.

Implants – Artificial, replacement tooth that is screwed directly into the jaw bone.

Dentures – Full or partial set of artificial, removable teeth.

Disease Treatment

Oral diseases/conditions and their treatment are another common process we see people for. Those treatments can include but not limited:

Root canal – The removal of a diseased tooth root to halt the spread of infection.

Gingivitis – Periodontal disease, this treatment is often started with a deep cleaning followed by more frequent routine visits.

That will do it for us here at Dr. Rose’s blog. This has been a thorough, but by no means exhaustive list of the more common procedures any dentist is familiar with. If you think you may require one of these but are embarrassed, by all means, there is no reason to be! Many of these problems affects many folks each year, and it’s up to us to work together to address them as they happen. We’ll catch you next time on the blog, til then remember to floss!

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