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Teeth Whitening – Debunking 5 Misconceptions About the Procedure

Teeth whitening is one of the most demanded dental procedures today. When people aim to have a flawlessly bright smile, professional teeth whitening will provide the results they want. A cosmetic dentist in Albuquerque will help address the problem of tooth discoloration, and let you flaunt a new and improved smile. There’s been several myths about teeth whitening being talked about lately. Here are some of them debunked for you:

Myth 1: Tooth Whitening is not Good for the Enamel

Make sure that you get in touch with a professional cosmetic dentist in Albuquerque to whiten your teeth. The high quality whitening gel they use will be good and safe enough to use. The expert will take the appropriate measures to ensure your teeth and gums will stay protected throughout the process. When done right, teeth whitening won’t affect your teeth enamel.

Myth 2: The Results are Permanent

Tooth whitening results are NOT permanent. When you need to brighten up your smile before you attend a social event for instance, teeth whitening is a great option. Even though the results won’t stay forever, it’s still possible to make it last longer with proper maintenance. Stay away from foods such as coffee, cola, tomato sauces, and more that could easily stain your teeth.  Consuming these foods will fade your teeth pretty quickly. A dentist will also provide you additional tips to prolong the results.

Myth 3: Veneers and Crowns can be Whitened

The truth is that only natural teeth enamel can be whitened with the procedure. Anything else, including crowns and veneers, won’t work with teeth whitening. If you are wearing a veneer or crown, the whitening results will appear unbalanced, even if your chosen shade is bright enough.

Myth 4: Teeth Whitening Products are as Effective as Professional Whitening

Not at all. Over-the-counter teeth whitening products that you could buy from stores won’t give out the expected results since they’re not customized to your requirements. Also, not all products are completely safe to use due to possible side effects. Professional teeth whitening in Albuquerque, on the other hand, is both safe and highly effective. You could choose your preferred shade of brightness and get results that’s eight times better than tooth whitening products.

Myth 5: Teeth Whitening is Not Safe for Sensitive Teeth

Not at all. As long as you are getting the assistance of a professional cosmetic dentist, it is okay to opt for teeth whitening even if you have sensitive teeth. The experts will make sure to minimize tooth sensitivity as much as possible during the procedure. Just remember to inform the dentist that you have sensitive teeth.

Teeth whitening is indeed an awesome solution when you want a shiny and attractive smile. Contact the best cosmetic dentist in Albuquerque if you want to know more about this procedure.

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