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4 Factors that Determine Dental Implant Eligibility

Sick of missing teeth? Dental implants can replace any number of missing teeth and pave the way for a stable oral health. It allows you to enjoy your food again without worrying about your teeth and smile. But not everyone is a good candidate for dental implants, especially if you have gum disease or other conditions. There are certain aspects that a dentist considers to decide if dental implants in Albuquerque NM are right for you. They are described right below.

Physical Conditions:

Poor physical conditions can compromise healing of your gums and other tissue, which may negatively impact your eligibility for dental implants. If you have diabetes or a compromised immune system, it’s usually better to put off treatment until you improve your overall health. During the initial condition, your dental professional will assess your health condition and ask if you are currently on medication. This helps them decide if you can go ahead with the treatment.

Gum Health:

Yet another important factor in determining dental implant eligibility is gum health. To be eligible for dental implants in Albuquerque NM, your gums must be healthy enough to support the addition of the artificial tooth. While diet can play a role in gum health and treatment, many things can contribute to poor gum health – stress, genetics, diabetes, smoking and tobacco use, trauma, infections and more. Your dental expert will rectify any problems associated with your gums and restore its health before offering tooth implants.

Surgical History:

If you’ve ever had major surgery on your jaw, mouth or face (even if it was some time ago) you may be at a higher risk for complications when getting dental implants. This is because such surgeries can alter jaw structure and muscle function, which can impact implant stability. If you’ve undergone surgery of any kind on your jaw, be sure to discuss with your dentist in Albuquerque NM to know how that could affect your candidacy for dental implants.

Jawbone Density:

Your jawbone density is a factor of bone strength, which itself is important to support dental implants. The best way to know if you have healthy bone density is to get your teeth examined by an oral surgeon. If you have sufficient bone density, you will be certainly considered for dental implants. If not, a preparatory procedure called Bone Grafting will be required before moving forward with the dental implants treatment.

If you lose one or more teeth, dental implants are definitely worth considering. The strength, ease of usage, and longevity of titanium implants make them totally worth the investment. Don’t delay in replacing your tooth, else it can lead to other dental complications down the road. Talk to a qualified cosmetic dentist in Albuquerque today to know if you are eligible for tooth implants.

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