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5 Reasons You Should Get TMJ Treatment on Time

TMJ treatment stands for temporomandibular joint disorder, which describes the pain and jaw issues you experience when your joints become inflamed or damaged. It’s also known as TMD or TMJD, which stands for temporomandibular joint dysfunction. These disorders can be quite painful and debilitating if left untreated. Fortunately, it’s possible to avoid them entirely by paying attention to the symptoms early on and seeking treatment on time. Here’s five reasons as to why you should get TMJ treatment in Albuquerque sooner.

Save Money:

If you’re suffering from a jaw disorder like temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD), then you know how it can affect your life and your pocketbook. Without treatment, more severe complications, such as chronic headaches or ear pain, can develop. This can lead to more treatments and increased medical costs down the road. So, get the assistance of an expert to combat this problem without delay.

Improve Your Sleep:

Aside from impacting your general health, untreated TMJ can impact your sleep patterns and quality. According to a study, it was found that people with jaw pain have a hard time falling asleep. They typically wake up more often during the night, thus leading to lower-quality sleep than those without TMJ. These disruptions in your sleeping schedule can exacerbate other chronic conditions you may have, such as diabetes or heart disease.

Stop Painful Spasms:

The effects of a TMD are far-reaching. The pain and muscle spasms associated with TMD can also lead to migraines, tension headaches, depression, insomnia, jaw locking (your jaw may lock at night), fatigue and neck and shoulder pain. If you’re having any of these symptoms, it’s time to see a TMJ specialist in Albuquerque for treatment. Otherwise, you may have to deal with more serious issues and increased discomfort.

Be Able to Eat Comfortably:

If you’re suffering from jaw pain and can’t properly chew your food, it will significantly hinder your ability to gain adequate nutrition. To make sure you’re able to eat as comfortably as possible, get treatment for temporomandibular joint disorder on time. In most cases, your TMJ dentist in Albuquerque will recommend special appliances to help ease symptoms and allow you to chew without discomfort.

Prevent Teeth Grinding:

If you’re clenching or grinding your teeth (also known as bruxism), it can eventually lead to damaged teeth and even permanent wear of your jawbone. If left untreated, your mouth could become misaligned and cause jaw aches when you speak or chew. Untreated grinding can also interfere with your sleep, so be sure to get the help of an expert to treat TMD at the earliest.

Getting TMJ treatment on time can help to relieve the issues mentioned above. Make sure to deal with a certified TMJ specialist in Albuquerque to get quality assistance on TMD.

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