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All About Gingivitis

You will hear it over and over again… brush your teeth and floss twice a day, every day. And while the vast majority of people take great care of their gums and teeth, there are always a good number who do not, and do not fully understand the consequences of neglecting their oral health.

When you neglect to take care of your teeth and your gums, you will find that you will quickly develop gingivitis, one of the more mild forms of gum disease. Despite gingivitis being one of the more mild forms of gum disease, it can lead to things like tooth loss and a serious gum disease called periodontitis, which is extreme gum recession to where the root of your teeth become exposed.

Additionally, gingivitis that becomes periodontitis can prompt larger health concerns, including coronary artery disease, diabetes, stroke, and rheumatoid arthritis.

The symptoms of gingivitis are easy to spot, and even easier to feel if you have the disease:

  • Inflammation (“puffy”) of the gums
  • General redness of the gums
  • Occasional gum bleeding
  • Bad breath even after brushing

While the majority of gingivitis cases can be attributed to having poor oral hygiene, the risk of contracting gingivitis is increased if you use tobacco products, are older in age, do not get enough vitamin C in your daily diet, have various diseases that can contribute to gingivitis including, but not limited to, HIV/AIDS and leukemia.

If caught early enough, reversing gingivitis is quite simple. All you need to do is take greater care of your gums and teeth, by making it a priority to brush your teeth and floss your gums twice a day, every day. However, it can be much more difficult to reverse any existing gingivitis if it is caused by any other diseases you might have.

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