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Foods to Avoid in Braces

One of the greatest “rites of passage” in our younger years was to get braces. And if you never had to wear them, you were considered very lucky. But for those who had to wear them for a year, two years, or even longer, then you know just what that experience was like, and all of the complications that went into wearing braces. On the contrary, there were some fun parts about braces, as well. For instance, you got to choose different colored bands every time you visited the orthodontist to match the seasons or to reflect your favorite colors, and getting them off was one of the greatest feelings in the world.

And even though we are not an orthodontist office, the integrity, health, and beauty of your teeth have always been out top priority.

So if you currently have braces, or your children have braces, here are the kinds of foods that you need to be staying away from to make the process of getting your teeth straightened quick and painless…

Chewy and gummy foods and candies: while it is hard to keep kids away from these kinds of foods and candies, they can really do a number to their braces. These include things like licorice, gummy worms and other related candies, caramels, etc.

Hard and crunchy foods: just like some of the foods mentioned above, foods that are hard and crunchy, as well as the foods that you really need to “bite” into, are not good for those wearing braces. For instance, things like eating popcorn, despite being a relatively soft food, can damage braces if the shells of the kernels find their way lodged between the brands and chain. Likewise, foods like corn on the cob, apples, carrots, etc. can even damage braces.

While there is no need to completely change your or your children’s diets for the next two years or so, it is important to avoid these kinds of foods that will only prolong the amount of time you and your children will be wearing the braces.

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