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Interested in Teeth Whitening? Here’s Why You Should Not DIY

If you’re looking to whiten your teeth at home, you’ve probably noticed that there are plenty of kits on the market with all kinds of promises. But many of these products have harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your teeth and gums. Plus, they don’t work as well as in-office teeth whitening in Albuquerque performed by a dentist or dental hygienist. Here are five reasons why you should not DIY to whiten your teeth.

Slower Results:

Do-it-yourself teeth whitening methods can take several weeks or even months to get results. You don’t have that kind of time. Professionals offer faster, and better, results so you can see immediate changes and smile brighter in as little as 30 minutes! Plus, professional teeth whitening from dentists is often more effective than at-home kits.

High Inconvenience:

If you try DIY, you will realize that it requires a lot of attention and follow through. Let us do all the work for you! At-home kits also require special equipment (like trays) that need constant cleaning and maintenance. This is an added hassle most people don’t want to deal with on top of everything else they have going on in their lives. You don’t have to deal with any of these issues when you opt for professional teeth whitening in Albuquerque.

Unsafe For Your Dental Health:

DIY teeth whitening is a popular, inexpensive method of lightening your smile. However, it’s also risky for your dental health. DIY methods can cause tooth sensitivity and increase tooth decay as well as erosion. Additionally, if you use an at-home whitening kit that contains peroxide, you could be at risk for developing allergic reactions in your mouth. On the bright side, professional teeth whitening in ABQ NM is offered to patients with safety in mind.

Results Won’t Last Long:

The convenience of whitening at home is tempting, but your results won’t last as long. The enamel on your teeth will get stained over time and you’ll have to keep going back for touch-ups every few months. Professional whitening treatments can last a really long time with a good dentist. Not only does that save you time and money, it keeps your smile bright—and your confidence high—throughout these formative years.

Customized Treatment:

Dental professionals and state-of-the-art products work together to give you a customized teeth whitening treatment. At a dental office, your smile is evaluated in order to determine how much and what kind of whitening will be best for you.

Whitening your teeth might seem like an easy task, but it’s actually pretty tricky to do it right and not damage your gums or enamel. At-home teeth whitening kits are tempting, but they’re not quite as good as professional teeth whitening near me. Consult with an expert today.

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