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Know these 6 Common Myths About TMJ Disorder

The movement of our jaw is dependent on the joints located right below our ears. It is these joints – known as the Temporomandibular Joints (TMJ) – that allow us to talk, laugh, drink, and eat. If TMJ gets damaged and doesn’t heal enough, it leads to a condition known as TMJ Disorder. Skilled dentists offer TMJ treatment in Albuquerque to effectively resolve this problem. Just like every other dental treatment, several myths about TMJ disorder have been making the rounds lately. To help you get a better understanding about it, here are the top 6 myths debunked:

Myth 1: TMJ Disorder Always Requires Surgery

Several people believe that TMJ treatment is surgical. Surgery is only one of the many treatment options for the disorder. Upon evaluating your case, the dentist will offer a mouth guard or suggest using orthodontic appliances to reduce discomfort and teeth grinding. Surgery is rare and only recommended to patients when the disorder is severe.

Myth 2: TMJ Disorder is Caused Only by Accidents

TMJ disorder is mostly caused by accidents and injuries, but that isn’t the only cause for the same. Other medical conditions such as Bruxism and Malocclusion also lead to this disorder. Just in case you didn’t know, bruxism means teeth grinding, and malocclusion refers to bite issues where the upper and lower teeth are misaligned while closing the jaw.

Myth 3: TMJ Disorder Affects Only the Jaw

Regardless of the name, TMJ disorder do not impact the jaw joints alone. Since the muscles are interconnected, TMJ disorder shall cause pain or discomfort in the ears, shoulders, neck, head etc. In fact, a majority of people with the disorder have experienced headaches due to the pain spreading across the upper body.

Myth 4: TMJ Disorder isn’t Serious

TMJ disorder isn’t simple. It must be cured with an appropriate TMJ treatment in Albuquerque to prevent other health problems. Besides pain and discomfort, TMJ disorder impacts your sleep, weakens your immune system, and causes difficulty in eating. Not to mention how poor nutrition can affect your physical and mental health.

Myth 5: TMJ Disorder is Rare

Not true. Millions of people experience TMJ disorder and seek medical assistance from a dentist in Albuquerque NM. People of all ages can get affected by this disorder.

Myth 6: No Jaw Popping means No TMJ Disorder

If your jaw stopped clicking or popping, it doesn’t necessarily mean that TMJ disorder has been cured. Look out for other symptoms such as bite problems, ear pain, numbness, muscle spasms, and facial pain. Consult a qualified dentist to evaluate with relevant examinations.

Leading dental care centers offering treatments such as dental implants, bridges, teeth whitening in Albuquerque and more, do provide TMJ treatments at reasonable rates. Now that you’ve obtained more clarity about TMJ disorder, make sure to get it cured with the assistance of a dentist.

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