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Understanding Dental Implants And Their Growing Popularity

Dental implants have only continued to grow in popularity in recent years as they provide a reliable and dependable solution for missing teeth. Most importantly, dental implants are of considerable value because they are firmly anchored in bone ensuring a long-term and reliable solution. Today’s modern dental implants are highly effective in offering reliable tooth replacement, interior replacement and posterior replacement as well as single tooth replacement.

Goals And Objectives

With that said, there are various types of implants that can be implemented in helping patients achieve their goals and objectives with regard to improved appearance and the better bite. For example, the root implant is considered by many to be one of the most popular and most frequently chosen types of implants. This type of implant is impressive in that it mimics the size and shape of the patient’s surrounding existing teeth as well as the tooth that is being replaced. Perhaps most impressive of all is the fact that this type of dental implant is typically as strong as the patient’s original tooth once was.

Similar Fashion To How Crowns Are Attached

The basic concept with regard to dental implants is that they are secured directly into the jawbone while the patient is under local anesthesia. Eventually the implant heels and becomes accepted by the surrounding bone. After the healing process has occurred, the patient is then fitted with a new tooth in a similar fashion to how crowns are attached. The entire process can take anywhere from a few months to up to several months to complete. In addition, the plate form implant is used when there is not adequate jawbone to support a root implant.

Support A Permanent Implant

This type of implant is long and thin and anchors into a thin or more fragile jawbone. Like the root implant the plate form implant is inserted in the same way. Finally, the subperiosteal implant is the type of implant that can be used when the jawbone has seen excessive recession. When a jawbone has excessively receded it will be unable to support a permanent implant. Dental technology has come a long way in recent years and this is especially true with regard to dental implants. Patients have more choices than ever before in this regard. Contact W. Gregory Rose, DDS, PA today to learn more about the services offered by this trusted name in Albuquerque dentistry.

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