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Understanding Invisalign And All That It Has To Offer

Invisalign is a wonderful tool used by Dr. Rose to straighten teeth. Long gone are the days of bulky and uncomfortable metal braces. The world has advanced in this regard and now patients are able to enjoy the convenience and comfort of something known as Invisalign. In short, Invisalign is a virtually invisible method of straightening teeth without the necessity for large bulky and uncomfortable metal braces. Each Invisalign is custom-made with comfort in mind. Dr. Rose always designs each individual case with a patients specific needs in mind all while creating beautiful smiles.

Aligners That Is Worn For About Two Weeks

Most importantly, Invisalign has no metal or wire components. With no metal, wires or brackets, this is a teeth-straightening technology that has earned a reputation for incredible results with no pain. Incorporating a series of removable clear custom-made aligners, Invisalign has become a popular method for straightening teeth in an easy and convenient way. Invisalign works quite simply by incorporating a set of aligners that is worn for about two weeks. Aligners are removed only to floss, brush, eat and drink. Teeth gradually move in small increments each and every week.

Considerably Noticeable Straighter Teeth And A Better Bite

Patients are only required to visit their dental care provider about every six or eight weeks when using the Invisalign method. The total average time required to complete a typical Invisalign treatment is about 6 to15 months. Over this period of time patients can expect to go through approximately 18 to 30 aligners. The end result of having completed an Invisalign series is considerably straighter teeth and a better bite. With so much to offer it is difficult to imagine not choosing to take advantage of all that Invisalign has to offer.

Patients Are Able To Eat And Drink Normally

Those wishing to straighten their teeth without the use of traditional metal braces have discovered that Invisalign is an excellent alternative. Almost completely invisible, the aligners used with Invisalign can achieve remarkable results for patients. Best of all, the system is so invisible that many people may not even know that Invisalign is being used. Patients are able to eat and drink normally and enjoy a normal way of life while undergoing Invisalign treatment. In addition, patients are able to brush and floss throughout the entire duration of the treatment. This ensures that optimum dental health is maintained without interruption. Contact W. Gregory Rose, DDS, PA to learn more about a dentist in Albuquerque that offers friendly and results driven dental care.

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