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What Does A Typical Crown Procedure Involve?

Having a crown placed can be an effective way of preserving a tooth and extending its useful life. In fact, in many instances a crown can result in a stronger and healthier overall tooth condition. Knowing in advance what to expect with regard to a treatment plan that includes having a crown installed can make the entire process easier and less stressful. Here are the basics involved with having a crown installed.

Last For Many Decades

The first step in having a crown installed is typically having the tooth with the existing decay and the surrounding area adequately numbed. This helps to ensure that the patient feels no discomfort while having crown work performed. Typically speaking, the next step is to sculpt the affected tooth to make way for a perfect fitting crown. Your dental care provider will take the time to carefully shape the tooth in question to ensure that the crown fits perfectly. The good news for patients is that when a crown is properly installed it can last for many decades.

The Dentist Will Create A Temporary Crown

Once the tooth has been re-sculpted the dentist will make an impression of the tooth and surrounding teeth in order to create a custom crown. In the interim while the custom crown is being crafted the dentist will create a temporary crown using acrylic resin. This will then be fitted onto the tip of the re-sculpted tooth in a temporary fashion. This is temporary in that it will only be worn for a few weeks at the most. Patients should be cautious not to jar the temporary crown loose while waiting for the permanent crown to be installed.

Ensure That It Is A Perfect Fit

When returning to the dentist’s office to have the permanent crown installed, patients can expect the dentist to remove the temporary crown and then apply the permanent crown to ensure a permanent and long-lasting fit. Finally, your dentist will check all aspects of the crown to ensure that it is a perfect fit and that a normal bite exists. Once this has all been completed, patients can enjoy many years and decades of reliable and dependable service from a high quality crown that this been professionally installed. Contact W. Gregory Rose, DDS, PA today to learn more about Albuquerque dental care that is highly effective and results driven.

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