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Understanding The Basics With Regard To Having A Bridge Placed

While there are many options available to patients with regard to filling a space that a tooth previously occupied, bridges are an excellent option. In basic terms a bridge is a dental device that is intended to replace a missing tooth or teeth by using surrounding teeth as an anchor. There are many important reasons to consider having a bridge installed. For example, when a tooth is missing the surrounding teeth may shift and move that could ultimately lead to more serious bite related problems.

Integrity Of Surrounding Teeth

In more severe cases teeth that shift may result in jaw problems and even various stages of periodontal disease. A bridge is a useful device that can safeguard the integrity of surrounding teeth in order to help maintain overall dental health and oral hygiene. A bridge can directly assist in producing a more vibrant smile and a more balanced bite capability. With so much to offer it is difficult to imagine not choosing to have a bridge installed.

Firmly In Place

In most instances, one of three primary types of bridges will be used for patients. The fixed bridge is one of the more common types and consists of a filler tooth that is securely attached to two neighboring teeth with the use of crowns. The crown that is fitted over the neighboring teeth ensures that the filler tooth is secured and firmly in place. Another commonly used bridge is known as the “Maryland” bridge. This type is primarily used for replacing missing front teeth. The bridge is attached to surrounding teeth using a metal band that is bonded to the abutment teeth.

Reliable And Dependable Solutions For Missing Teeth

Finally, the Cantilever bridge is used in a situation where teeth are situated on only one side of the span. In a typical application, a Cantilever bridge uses two crown teeth that are next to each other along the same side where the missing tooth exists. Using this system the filler tooth is connected to the two crowned teeth in a cantilever type configuration. Bridges have been used for many years and have offered reliable and dependable solutions for missing teeth for people of all ages. Contact W. Gregory Rose, DDS, PA today to learn more about an Albuquerque dentist that provides reliable and dependable service and a friendly atmosphere.

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