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Why Be A Dentist?

Welcome back to the Dr. Rose blog, where we give you plenty of quality, dental health related topics to chew on. This time we’re looking at a what goes into this wild profession of ours. Why would somebody want to be a dentist? What reasons would lead someone to tinker around on teeth for a living?

Aside from the proclivity for oral health and the enjoyment of the actual work, there are a number of reasons why dentistry can be a fulfilling career choice.

  • Service
    • A dentist is selfless. Helping people improve their oral health, appearance, and quality of life is rewarding.
  • Cutting Edge
    • The field of dentistry is constantly advancing. That means that you can pursue those next steps in dentist technology while also serving your community.
  • Fill a Need
    • Many people feel unfulfilled in their career that they aren’t needed. We’ve already mentioned how dentists are serving their communities, but dentistry needs are on the rise with an aging population and as access to care expands.
  • Work/Life Balance
    • It’s a topic that comes up often when people consider making a career shift. How will their work and leisure time balance out, and will a person enjoy that? Well with dentistry you’ll have the flexibility to make your balance as you please.
  • Be Your Own Boss or Work with Partners
    • Own a practice and boom; you are now your own Conversely, if you’d rather work with other professionals in your field, you can operate a partnership. This ties in with that work/life balance we talked about later.

These are just a few of the reasons some may find interest in the dentistry profession. If any of those sound familiar to you, then stick with us. Next time on the blog we’ll go ahead and talk about how one becomes a dentist!



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