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Easter Candies to Avoid

It’s here, another holiday devoted to the proliferation and giving of sweets, chocolates, and candies. Now, listen. We know, we’ve gone over a lot of these details before, right around Valentine’s Day. But every few months we have another opportunity to remind folks about the pros and cons of various sweets, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t take advantage of it. We’re not going to tell you not to enjoy any treats, but we will give you a rundown of what could be considered the… less good candies you might find in your basket, (or that you may be giving your kids!)

  • The Sticky Stuff
    • Gummies, taffies, caramels, any treat that sticks is going to cause the most troubles. We’ve mentioned it before, but the sticky candies will latch on to hard to reach places and hang around, letting sugar keep working on your pearly whites.
  • The Sour Stuff
    • The source of the sour is acid. Loads of the stuff. The acid will erode the enamel of your teeth and make it easier for that sugar loving bacteria to create cavities.
  • Hard Stuff
    • Hard candies tend to take a long time to be dissolved in your mouth. This means more time your teeth are exposed to sugar. Again, time plus sugar equals cavity city.

Candies and sweets are a part of the fun, the spice of life. But with all good things, moderation is key. And if you really are needing to satiate that sweet tooth, why not reach for some dark chocolates? Healthier than milk chocolates and providing antioxidants, these chocolates are a good alternative. Instead of your standard sugar riddled sweet bombs, why not fill your children’s basket with sugar free options instead?

With a little bit of awareness and a smidge of effort you can cut down on the number of cavities you and your family will endure, and with proper dental hygiene, you won’t have to visit your friendly dentist too much. Til next time, keep on flossin’!

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